The Hague Policy Group represents a group of seasoned professionals with in-depth experience and commitment to client service in key sectors and disciplines.


The Hague Policy Group advisors have many years of experience in public policy advice and services and delivery in key areas:

  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Regional and Urban Development


The Hague Policy Group advisors have worked in senior roles themselves and have supported senior ministers, CEO’s, government and corporate leaders in strategic decision making on key issues:

  • National Transport Policy
  • Urban Transport Policy
  • Logistics Collaboration
  • Intermodal transportation


The Hague Policy Group advisors have instigated and supported major institutional and system change management processes:

  • Major urban transport system redesign
  • Major airline freight division process redesign
  • European transport rail policy framework
  • Corporate strategy in transport, services and telecom


The Hague Policy Group advisors have hands-on experience in developing infrastructure financing schemes and implementing these.

  • Management of urban transport development program and investment needs
  • Development of feasibility study requirements for urban rail systems and study supervision
  • Developing public private partnership models for sustainable service delivery
  • Securing the financing from commercial and development banks for roads, BRT’s, High Speed Rail systems